Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lose Weight The High-Fiber Way

Lose Weight The High-Fiber Way Watch the pounds disappear with our "never be hungry" eating plan By Kathy Keenan Isoldi, M.S., R.D., C.D.E. Americans spend 33 billion dollars every year on weight-loss products, many of which are not backed by scientific research. Why not save your money and avoid disappointment by choosing a proven weight-loss substance that's readily available in a wide variety of foods? It's called fiber. When it comes to fighting fat, fiber packs a powerful punch. Fiber-rich foods are inexpensive, and it's easy to work them into your daily meals. Plus, a diet that's high in fiber not only will help you lose weight, it will improve your prospects for better health and longevity, giving you more time to show off that svelte figure.* *Always check with your physician before starting a new weight-loss plan. How Fiber Fights Fat There's more and more evidence to suggest that eating a high-fiber diet can help you lose weight. When researchers at Tufts University reviewed published studies on the effects of fiber on hunger, they found that people who consumed an additional 14 grams of fiber a day ended up eating 10 percent fewer calories than before. In another study, researchers at University Hospital in London, Ontario, used detailed food diaries to compare the fiber intake of study participants at different weights. They found that those who maintained a healthy weight ate 30 percent more fiber than the overweight participants. Fiber helps people to lose weight in two ways. For one thing, it provides bulk, which makes you feel full. But fiber also slows digestion, which makes you feel satisfied longer. What and Where Is It? We may joke about fiber, but many of us aren't sure exactly what it is or how to be certain we're getting enough of it. Fiber is the indigestible portion of plant foods, most of which passes through our system unchanged. Since we lack the enzymes to digest fiber, we can't absorb any calories from it. But we can reap a multitude of health benefits. There are two types of fiber: water-insoluble and water-soluble. The former, found in wheat bran and the skins of some fruits and vegetables, exits the body basically unchanged. It provides bulk and helps regulate the bowels. Water-soluble fiber is found in oats, beans, lentils, barley and most fruits and vegetables. This type of fiber absorbs water in the digestive tract, which is what helps you feel full and slows your digestion.

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