Friday, April 12, 2013

The Biggest Mistakes Women Make in Their Diets

The Biggest Mistakes Women Make in Their Diets By: Heidi Klum on AOL Staff - Editor|Apr 12th 2013 2:09AM|Source: Fitness & Nutrition / Glamour Source You're dedicating time to the gym and making a conscious effort to cut back on calories--so why aren't you seeing results? Fitness expert David Kirsch says although many women are actively trying to lose weight, they are making the same small mistakes that can make it difficult to shed those extra pounds. Here, he shares some of the most common issues. 6 Mistakes Women Make in Their Diets 1. They skip breakfast. "Mom was right, it is the most important meal of the day," says David. "Whether it's a protein shake or an egg white omelet, start your day with some clean, lean fuel." You may think that skipping breakfast means saving calories, but starving your body also starves your metabolism, making it harder for your body to burn fat in the end. Bottom line? Skipping breakfast is counter-productive. 2. They subscribe to a diet of coffee. Sure, a cup of coffee here and there is no big deal, but overconsumption can lead to restlessness, insomnia and stomach upset--all of which can make it difficult to have a successful workout and control cravings. Plus, you'll feel tired and lethargic when all that caffeine wears off. 3. They load up on diet soft drinks which are full of artificial sweeteners. Many women think that because diet soda has no calories, it's fine to drink. But it has a host of other issues--besides being full of potentially harmful chemicals, some studies say drinking diet soda leads us to crave more sugar. Swap out soda for water and you'll have the energy you need for a calorie-torching workout. Plus, loading up on water will make your skin glow--bonus! 4. They count calories in general and not quality of calories. "Not every calorie is created equally," says David. "Stick to healthy, nutrient-rich foods." That's right--this means that three Oreo cookies for 150 calories is not the same as a bowl of fruit for the same caloric amount. Stick to wholesome, natural choices. It'll make a huge difference. 5. They don't eat small meals throughout the day. "Ideally, one should eat 5 meals/day every three hours," he says. That way, your body is constantly being fueled and it can properly burn calories. 6. They think exercise is derailing their weight loss. Many women avoid exercise when they are trying to lose weight, thinking that this somehow is sabotaging their weight loss program, says David. But regular exercise is an essential component of healthy weight loss. You may feel hungrier at first from working out, but eating regular snacks and fueling properly before and after workouts can help control your cravings.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Obituary For: Ruth Mae Thomas | Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home

Obituary For: Ruth Mae Thomas | Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home


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I lost my mother 8 days ago. It is very difficult, but I feel good about the last times we spent together. She was a very loving woman, albeit it,  a bit of a lost soul.
Ruth Mae Thomas . . . Presente! You will always be in my heart. May you be at peace and feel the love we have for you up on heaven.
love from your daughter,

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