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The Two Day A Week Diet, plus learning to get healthier all the time!

I have tried more than 50 (natural) diet products as well as different diets. As we watched my husband's friend lose 35 lbs. in 3 months, we decided to try his 2 day a week diet. Two days a week, you severely limit your calorie intake (500 for women, 600 for men). Basically you eat veggies those days. Besides the wt. loss, you begin to notice the extreme calories in some things (like salad dressing - 200 cal. for 2 TBS.!). You begin to adjust your diet the other days. So far, I have only gotten rid of 10 lbs. but I know it is because of weekend parties and other social activities. Although I have only lost that much wt., I have A LOT more muscle! I only work out about 3 times a week, but my exercise of choice is the elliptical machine so my arms are getting as much toning as my legs. I have only measured my waist and have lost 3 inches in 6 mos.! I know I have lost in my legs, arms and chest as my clothes are looser and I can wear clothes that were too small for several years. The men lost a lot, I believe because they were eating waaaayyy too much meat and some of it was rotting in the colon & intestines. My hubby and I are planning to do this diet for the rest of our lives as it is really good to move all those veggies through the body and get all the nutrients. We are still working on what supplements to take, but I tried my friend's Boku greens and I think they are the best thing out there. Anyway, we are not doing Paleo so this post will probably not stay up. We are eating WHOLE grains and beans and the fiber helps us with the wt. loss. The fruit helps with the sweet tooth as well as being nutrient dense. I suppose I better post this somewhere where it will help people who did not have luck with Atkins and Paleo, people like me!

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I am currently trying a new way of eating (forget about that nasty "D" word!). I am following the "Schwarzbein Principle" and learning ways to focus on creativity and taking care of ME. I am currently in Body Blissmas, a program started by Jill Badonsky. As I learn to focus on healthy eating and being happy and creative, I would like to help you do the same.

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