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10 Tips to Get Off the Diet Plateau

10 Tips to Get Off the Diet Plateau Have you reached a point where you can't seem to lose any more weight? Don't throw in the towel: These 10 tips can help you reach your goal weight. By Madeline Vann, MPH Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH 10 Easy Ways To Get Over A Weight Loss Plateau Help Getting Over Weight - Loss Plateau No matter how dedicated you are to losing weight, you will hit a plateau at some point in your diet. This is when weight loss stalls and the numbers on the scale just don’t go down, even though you are still following your diet and exercise routine. “Weight plateaus are the most frustrating thing that my clients face,” says personal trainer Kelly Guillory, a National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified trainer at CrossGates Athletic Club in Slidell, La. “They are very real. The numbers on the scale do not move — it’s not just in your head.” Guillory says weight loss is 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise. For any given dieter, making small changes in either realm can get the numbers back in motion. Beating the Diet Plateau Try these tips for moving the scale in the right direction again — you may not even need all of them to start seeing a difference: 1.) Ruthlessly clean up your diet. “I have the four deadly sins of food: butter, cheese, fried food, and sugar. These things will keep you from making progress. Examine your diet to make sure you’re being honest with yourself. You lose the right to complain if you aren’t eating what you are supposed to,” says Guillory. 2.) Skip the alcohol. Alcohol not only adds calories to your diet, but it effectively slows your metabolism and reduces your motivation to work out and diet. 3.) Go low-glycemic. If you still have refined carbs in your diet, get rid of them, especially before a workout. Eating a meal containing low-glycemic carbs about three hours before a workout results in more fat burned than a meal containing refined carbs. 4.) Vary your exercise routine. “If you’re coming to the gym and you’re doing the same thing every time, change your workout,” says Guillory. Run today, lift weights tomorrow, swim on the next day, take a group exercise class the day after. 5.) Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Working out at different levels of intensity is thought to increase weight loss. Guillory has her clients weight-train for about 20 minutes, exercise at 85 percent of their maximum heart rate for about 10 minutes, do more weight training for about 10 minutes, and then finish with moderate cardio exercises. 6.) Strength train. Use weight training to build muscle. Each pound of muscle burns about 50 calories a day at rest. According to a national survey of more than 6,000 adults, about 19 percent of people who were successful with weight loss included weight training in their workouts. 7.) Use a heart rate monitor. “It keeps you honest about the intensity of your workout,” says Guillory. Figure out your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. Target your workouts so your heart rate stays between 65 and 85 percent of your maximum most of the time. 8.) Drink water. If you are not drinking enough water during the day, your body may be retaining water, adding to the numbers on the scale. Guillory recommends consuming about half your body weight in ounces of water every day if you work out a lot (more if you’re outside in the heat). A 145-pound woman should drink about 73 ounces of water. 9.) Exercise for more than 30 minutes every day. People who exercise at least 30 minutes every day are more successful with weight loss. Try to get in at least this much exercise — and increasing the time you spend working out every day will increase the caloric burn. 10.) Get the people in your life on board. Most people don’t sabotage your diet on purpose, says Guillory, but their food-related acts of love could be undermining your weight loss. Plateaus are a diet downer, but by making these slight adjustments to your plan, you should get that scale back on track in no time.

Oprah Quotes Or, as Buddha said: "The lesson will be repeated until it is learned."

Ever Consider A Hypnotherapist?

I can't recommend this for everybody, mainly because my hypnotherapist was a psychotherapist before becoming a renowned hypnotherapist. Others may not have such great choices in their area. I had my 2nd appt. yesterday and I just can not believe how great I feel. The first appt. left me with the confidence to stay on my weight reduction program, but yesterday's appt. left me feeling lighter and happier. She helped me to let go of past emotions: hurt, anger and resentment. She helped me feel like I can emotionally disconnect from people who want to hurt me or people who are jealous for whatever reason. I also am realizing that even though someone talks bad about you, it doesn't make you look bad. It makes the other person look bad; at least any logical person would see the meanness in their ranting. I am eating healthier, finding more joy and getting my writing done (i.e. finishing my novel), all with the help of this well-known hypnotherapist. And it feels great! P.S. I will report back the next time someone speaks ill of me just so you can learn from how I deal with these issues now.

Oprah's Favorite Instant Mood Boosters

Oprah's Favorite Instant Mood Boosters By Oprah Winfrey Every morning when I open my curtains for that first look at the day, no matter what the day looks like—raining, foggy, overcast, sunny—my heart swells with gratitude. I get another chance. When you think about it, it's truly awesome: seven billion people finding their way in the world, trying to make sense of the human diaspora. In the best of times and worst of times, I know for sure, this life is a gift. Yes, I recognize that I get to live on a big scale. But in the end the only difference between being famous and not is that more people know my name. When it comes to what really matters—what makes us laugh and cry, grieve and yearn, delight and rejoice—we share the same heart space. We just fill it with different things. Here are 20 of my favorites: 1. Planting vegetables in my garden. 2. Making blueberry-lemon pancakes on Sunday morning for Stedman. Never fails to delight him—like he's 7 every time. 3. An off-leash romp on the front lawn with all five dogs. 4. A rainy day, a chill in the air, a blazing fire in the fireplace. 5. Picking vegetables from my garden. 6. A great book. 7. Reading in my favorite place on Earth: under my oaks. 8. The spinach, goat cheese and herb pizza at ABC Kitchen in New York City. 9. Tazo's Passion tea, with a little lemon and fresh mint. 10. Cooking vegetables from my garden. 11. A drink handmade by my pal Eddie Chavez. 12. Sleeping till my body wants to wake up. 13. Waking up to the real twitter: birds. 14. A workout so strong, my whole body breathes. 15. Eating vegetables from my garden. 16. Being still. 17. Embracing silence. 18. Listening to Snatam Kaur's version of "Ong Namo." 19. Scones at the Hotel Bel-Air. If Queen Elizabeth only knew, she'd eat no others. 20. Gratitude as a daily spiritual practice. Every day I bless my life by counting my blessings. Read more:

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What Is creativity?

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Peter & Paul: Killing, Snooping, and Lying

Peter & Paul: Killing, Snooping, and Lying: I have no desire to enter into a polemic regarding the righteousness of decisions made by any duly elected government. I’m sure they all...

Foods That Help You Get Rid of excess pounds

Slide show: Core-strength exercises with a fitness ball

Essential Nutrition for Women slide show

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India.Arie: "The Universe Does Rise Up to Meet You"

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Welcome to Weight Loss Coach Sherrie's Blog!

I am currently trying a new way of eating (forget about that nasty "D" word!). I am following the "Schwarzbein Principle" and learning ways to focus on creativity and taking care of ME. I am currently in Body Blissmas, a program started by Jill Badonsky. As I learn to focus on healthy eating and being happy and creative, I would like to help you do the same.

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