Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moving From Fear to Love

Moving From Fear to Love: Balancing the Mind and Heart By Gillian B (Follow on Facebook) I once heard the great expression, "Darkness cannot survive in the presence of Light". Let's examine the elements of this expression to take a better look at the worlds within, i.e., our mental and spiritual worlds. From the Mind In terms of the mind, darkness represents ego-driven thoughts and feeling that are primarily fear-based. These can be feelings of shame, guilt and anger with one's self or others. In today's Western world, one's mind is overrun by a voice that pushes judgment, comparison, competition and feelings of being better or worse than others. We have all experienced it. This voice is our ego. It is responsible for how we perceive ourselves in the world around us and can cause an awful lot of trouble if we don't learn how to live harmoniously with it. The ego has a way of making us believe that we are inadequate and unworthy of acceptance or love from ourselves and others. The ego emphasizes contrast and duality, which is appropriate when you look at the anatomy of its source, the mind. The brain has two distinct hemispheres, two different energies and modalities. From the Heart On the opposite side of the spectrum we have light, our natural state, which represents nourishing, love-based thoughts and feelings. These feelings originate from the heart, which like its anatomy, represents oneness and unity. When we live from the heart or from love, we feel appreciated, accepted and connected. We see the world with love in our eyes and we treat everyone they way we wish to be treated, with kindness, compassion and forgiveness. Simply put, these heartfelt thoughts and emotions create a happy, healthy environment and it is therefore important for us to invite more loving thoughts and feelings into our experience.

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