Thursday, July 16, 2009

Demetriou on "Your Shadow Self"

Helen Demetriou sent a message to the members of AngelCraft Healing Therapy.
Subject: The Shadow Self

Celestial Blessings

The Angels asked me to talk about the shadow self in my message today, and it’s
uncanny as I have noticed lately quite a few people who refuse to accept their
shadow selves.

So what is the shadow self? The shadow self is the darker side of our
personality which has been repressed, hidden and denied. It could have been
shaped by our parents, siblings, friends and teachers and it is a part of
ourselves that we do not want others to know about us as it does not match that
which we wish to portray ourselves to be to the world. We each wear a mask that
hides what we believe others would think of as ugly, yet they too are thinking
the same thing as you and wearing their own self made mask. It is the part of
us which we despise and refuse to accept as being part of us so we try to
discard it. There are many ways we try to do this but the number one preferred
way is by projecting our own fears onto others.

Looking within at the shadow self is our number one tool for enlightenment and
ascension, so you can understand how important it is for us to uncover the truth
about ourselves TO ourselves and accept them and claim them. You may find
people claim you to be a certain way and you find yourself saying “but I am not
like this” and this is because we each have blind spots that where we cannot see
the truth about ourselves. Of course the person making the statement about you
is also projecting their shadow self onto you, but this is a pattern of our
race; a constant chain reaction of realization and synchronized events which we
need in order to heal. I admit it isn’t easy to confront our shadow self and
needs a lot of courage and time and hard work but how much you want to a
peaceful life depends on you. When you are able to face yourself one to one
then your life will be far more enjoyable and happy.

I receive so many email and have read on so many forums the phrase “I’m no good
at manifesting” and also “nothing ever goes right in my life; there is just one
problem after another” and “Nothing good ever happens to me” or “am I cursed?
Why do I have such bad luck?” Understand that these people are MASTERS in the
art of manifestation as their doom and gloom thought forms are manifesting
negative events into their lives thick and fast. It is impossible that they are
not creating their reality by cause and effect as everything we think, feel or
do has an effect.

Then there are those that blame all of their short comings on everyone else.
“It is HER fault why this happened to me.” Or “someone has cursed me I know it!”
and “You are the reason why I am so unhappy!”. It isn’t easy to accept that
whatever happens to us is our own responsibility. It isn’t easy to accept that
whatever negative happens to us is because we accept it. So why do we accept
it? It is because the shadow part of ourselves is repressed and hidden by us
and we do not face that this part of us contains the “I’m not worthy” phrase a
lot of us own. So you see, facing our demons can prevent allowing others to
hurt us in the numerous ways that others can…and all because we LET them. Under
the mask that we wear the shadow self seethes and infests as the more darkness
it knows the more like a bacteria it becomes which results in self abuse,
addictions, subconsciously entering into an abusive relationship, lying,
betrayal, pain and so forth.

Ultimately from time to time the shadow finds an escape and surfaces, rips off
the mask we wear and takes center stage for all to see. This can be in the form
of anger tantrums, being argumentative, jealousy and generally being hurtful to
others. When it finally runs out of steam and has been spent, we are left
feeling ashamed and embarrassed and may wonder where it came from, that it is
not like us to be like this.

The shadow self can also manifest itself in dreams; you may have recurrent
dreams about a man or a woman who is ugly or scares you and you are being chased
or trying to escape them. You may close your eyes and see a fiendish face
looking back at you. You may look into a mirror and see a face you have never
seen before. All these can be your shadow selves trying to emerge, trying to be
healed because the shadow self is what we are healing when we work on the self.
But how can this be done when we hide them away like dirty laundry? This is
part of you! Face yourself, get to know this shadow for when you face this
shadow you stop BEING the shadow in your life.

When we believe we do not feel anger anymore or impatience etc we have to ask
ourselves have we REALLY healed? Or have we just buried it so far down that we
believe it doesn’t exist anymore? Sadly, unless you have faced yourself and
your shadow, it is still there, waiting to erupt and surface again.

All the shadow self wants is light, love and acceptance. All the shadow self
wants isrecognition and a chance to be noticed by you. Once you begin to shine
a glow on the shadow self it is easier and less scary to look at. After all,
this IS you, it is a part of you, so to be wholly healed you must heal ALL of
you, not just the parts that you deem as acceptable.

Love and Light,

Helen <3
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Coach Sherrie says: You can use the shadow side to make your art better. Let it come out in your creative work and it won't come popping out when you least expect it.

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