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From "Building An Alter of Intention"

Building An Altar Of Intention
Building an altar of intention involves the fine art of building a shrine to what it is you really want in life. It is all about pouring your magical will into objects and then arranging them in a way that sends a message to the universe that you are willing to receive what you have asked for in the best way and at the proper time.

Altars of intention are very personal and idiosyncratic constructions. The key to them is to be as creative as possible and also to make sure that the objects that decorate them are suitable. You must add objects that represent your intentions or you might not quite get what you asked for.

It is also important to realize that you don’t need exotic items or precious ideals in order to make this shrine work for you. The simplest of food stuffs and everyday items will do to make a shrine of intention. You can also use pictures that you have cut out of the magazines or newspapers or download images from the Internet. Natural objects, such as flat rocks that you have picked up off the ground, leaves from trees, flower petals and other found items, also work well on an altar.

The tricky part is to make sure that what you are building towards and placing on the altar matches your intention. For instance, if the altar is about creating more money then put things on the altar that symbolize money, such as a bowl of coins, a check written to yourself for the desired amount, or pictures of prosperous individuals that you would like to emulate. You can also put gemstones, shells, and other natural items that were once used as currency on this type of altar.

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There is also no special ritual needed when it comes to building this type of altar, but some people like to say a few prayers or personal affirmations. It is also nice to put few candles or incense on the altar. Try to choose color candle combinations that suit your intentions. For instance, if prosperity is the intention, then try placing green, gold or silver candles on the altar. These types of colored candles are typically related to money drawing intentions and manifestation rituals.

If you want to light incense, you should choose aromas that are appropriate to your intention. Bayberry draws money. Rose incense is used to attract love. Patchouli is powerful incense for manifesting intentions of a more spiritual nature.

Herbs and flowers also enhance an altar. Real roses can bring love. Pansies and violets are money bringing blooms.

The upshot is the more personal your altar is the more likely the objects presented on it are to bring you exactly what you want. It is about purity of intent and putting your heart and will into it. It is also about certitude and believing that we live in a generous universe and that your wish will absolutely be granted to you.

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