Monday, February 15, 2010

Oprah On "Taking A Leap of Faith"

Quantum Leap of Faith
Rather than thinking about your experience as the be-all and end-all of reality, take a giant step back and see yourself and the Earth in the grand landscape of space and time," suggests Brian Greene, PhD, an expert in superstring theory (which posits that there are 10 dimensions of space). Greene, who has made quantum physics accessible through books like The Elegant Universe, says, "Take an even larger step back and visualize the innumerable parallel universes you may be inhabiting, living out your life in different ways." In other words, imagine all your possible selves—thinner, fitter, organized—as already within you. "A change of perspective," he says, "is often the most powerful way to make a change."

Oprah Discusses "Community"

The Community
Wikipedia, the publicly edited online encyclopedia, has fundamentally changed the way we think about information—and the power of collaboration. "We know one of the things that effects change is community," says the site's co-founder, Jimmy Wales. (Just having a friend along when you're facing a hill, according to a recent study, causes you to estimate the slope as less steep than if you are alone.) Wales suggests that the new upgrade in motivation is anonymous support. As he puts it: "You may not want to tell your friends, 'I'm trying to lose 10 pounds—will you help me?' But in an online community, you don't face that embarrassment. Also, people with the same goals can discuss all the conflicting ideas out there and come up with good strategies for change." For what it's worth, wiki is Hawaiian for "hurry."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Carbs OR Protien? Choose One

I just ordered "Fit for Life" on Amazon. My friend, who weighs 110 lbs. soaking wet, bought this book many years ago and followed it faithfully for a number of years. She must have sped up her metabolism because she now eats as much as a 200 lb. man does and she doesn't exercise, yet she continues to weigh 110 lbs. or less. (Sometimes, she has to purposely overeat or she starts losing weight!)
The way she explains it to me is that you either eat protien and very little carbs (my hubby lost more than 25 lbs. doing this) or you eat the carbs and cut out the protien. This is somehting I think I can do as I get carb cravings trying to do what my hubby does. Plus, I really don't like meat that much.
I should be getting the book in a few days. I will keep everyone informed on how it goes.

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