Saturday, October 15, 2011

Embrace Change, Take Action!

Embrace Change, Take Action!
By Psychic Yemaya
Procrastination is human, however, it can stall out your life, cause you to miss important deadlines, and affect your self esteem (which also affects your love life)! We can stop sitting in our mess crying for what we “wish” would have been, and take ACTION!

How many of you have thought about a reunion, wedding, or event, where you wanted to be slimmer when you attended, and then suddenly the time flies by, and its NEXT week… and nothing has changed. You meet someone but can’t invite them to your place as it’s dirty and cluttered? It can range from bills, dentist visits, sewing a small rip, all the way to basics of doing dishes, or picking up fresh fruits and vegetables!
You may decide to change something, tell all your friends and loved ones about this project and the “new leaf” you are turning over, and then you get distracted, day after day, and before you know it…. months have gone by and it’s still not done!

So let’s stop. I hear you saying, “It’s NOT that easy!” I do know that, I was the Queen of procrastination, and that is how I learned the difference between talk and ACTION. Here are the tools that I am using to change my life, may they bless yours as well!

1. Sit down and pick ONE project to use these tools on, if it works for you, then feel free to explore doing more, or even multiple tasks. Make sure the goals are realistic!

2. Stop talking about it and set an actual DATE to begin the actions to correct it. That means you get out the calendars (all of them) and mark circle that date in RED. I like to create a journal that starts by listing my intentions, and how long I realistically see it taking to finish.

3. Write what needs to be changed as a topic, with the first 1-3 small steps towards this. It is important to focus on THAT step, not ALL the steps, or the LAST steps, allow this to be broken down to just one simple step or task at a time. I like to create a journal that starts by listing my intentions, and how long I realistically see it taking to finish.

4. Think and speak positively about your commitment! The last sentence of step 2 is an example of step three; watch what you say and how you say it. Your subconscious mind hears negatives and immediately dumps the whole concept, so rephrase things into a positive. Example: “…what it is you WANT TO change” becomes “… what it is you ARE changing.” Another word hint: Remove the word TRY and think WILL instead!

5. Just keep moving forward, even if you slip up, or stall for awhile, start again as soon as you can, get back up on that horse! Remember that failure only applies when you quit trying!

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