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Experience the Spiritual Power of Gratitude and Thankfulness

Gratitude, Not Attitude
November 2, 2011
By Krishna Bill
Experience the Spiritual Power of Gratitude and Thankfulness

Gratitude: We know it’s one of the most important keys to life and personal growth. But it can be hard to stay grateful when life throws so many challenges at us. We asked our psychics what the best way to practice and remain in gratitude was, and got some incredible responses.

Dawn shares:

“Gratitude. You can experience it a hundred times a day if you want to, but it has to become a conscious choice. It’s easy to experience the feeling of gratitude when someone does something kind for you. Thankfulness for small kindnesses can be automatic and expected—but when was the last time you looked down at the shoes on your feet and thought ‘Wow… how blessed I am to have shoes on my feet when millions of people don’t?’ We all have difficult days, we all are handed many challenges to get through and overcome. But the power of gratitude can lift you from the depths of darkness right back into the brightest light there is. The trick is to wake up. Look around and see the world with new eyes. You will be amazed at how much lighter your heart and spirit will feel when you make a conscious choice to use the power of gratitude on a daily basis.”

Marin reminds us:

“The more you give, the more you receive! There is no end to the amount of gratitude one can give or receive.”

Faith says:

“When you find yourself in a difficult situation where you have a choice to make, challenge yourself to take a deep breath and choose gratitude. Through the act of forgiveness, divine intelligence will help you to let go and transcend the situation that you are finding painful. In time, you will once again move forward, having transcended the pain or upset you once experienced. Observe how much lighter you feel after having made your choice for gratitude. The path of grace is accessed through gratitude. Be grateful for the challenges that bring detours on your path. For as hard as that is to do, the challenges in your life take you to your most cherished sacred desires.”

Michael underlines the importance of being grateful to yourself, also:

“Take time to be grateful for choices in your life. Expressing gratitude for the ability to make a choice at any given time allows you to better understand the choice at hand, as well as empowering you by helping you take control of the choices you make. Do this as often as you can think about it—make it a living expression of gratitude.”

Lucy counsels us to watch the flow of the divine:

“Know that God is everywhere, including inside of you. Where you are today is exactly where you need to be.”

Mariposa says:

“Free will empowers each of us to choose our attitudes in each moment. Each morning, the first thing you choose is your attitude for the day. Did you wake up feeling grateful? If not, you have the choice in that aware moment to empower yourself with gratitude.

“Each morning I wake up and say, ‘I know nothing of today. Show me the truth, and I will be grateful for all opportunities, the good and the not so good.’

“We live in a time of great transformation, where we can assist the whole by choosing to be in gratitude for all things. Being in a state of gratitude, there are no judgments on what we are grateful for. We can help the world in letting go of guilt by choosing to be grateful for all things. A wise teacher once told me, ‘When you choose to see life with eyes of gratitude, you will not worry about tomorrow.’

“As we celebrate this season, may we all choose to be grateful for just being alive in this time of great change and not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will become a reflection of our gratitude.”

And finally, Quinn sums it up for us:

“What is the best way to experience the power of gratitude in your life?

“By giving it.”

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