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OK, so everyone in the U.S. knows that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. For those not in the U.S. or not familiar with the day, it’s when we “officially” take a holiday to express gratitude for all the things we have in our lives.

Many of us think that means only the good things and not everything, but, as much as I’d rather not be grateful for everything, or even some things, in my life, I have to admit that even the “bad times” have had some positive outcomes. Generally not immediately, but after a while, sometimes quite a while.

Ordinarily I avoid jumping on the bandwagon with these highly publicized holidays but this one is different. In spite of the fact that commerce has promoted excess consumption in the form of food, it’s the closest we come to a “pure” holiday, that is, not ruled by consumerism. That’s changing, though, and it’s sad.

Traditionally, Christmas shopping has begun on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is always the fourth Thursday of November. It’s called Black Friday because there’s enough money spent on that one day to keep some stores and businesses from ending their year in the red, or loss column of their balance sheet.

Now, however, businesses are either starting Black Friday at midnight, instead of waiting until regular business hours or even opening for business on the holiday itself, when the day is “supposed” to be spent with family and in gratitude for them, or – horrors! – advertising and using Black Friday sale prices before Thanksgiving itself.

Since I’m against excess in almost all cases, I’ll try not to let this post get excessive and get to my point quickly. That is, in this society so often characterized by complaint and grousing, I suggest that you try finding just one thing – one thing – that you normally would complain about and find something in it to be grateful for, to give thanks for.

Maybe it’s that your kids are always leaving their things lying around; be thankful that they have things to leave around and that you’re able to provide them with those things.

Maybe your husband/mate too often comes home late for dinner that you’ve slaved over; be grateful that he comes home.

I’m sure you get the idea, so find your own gripe to be thankful for and put your own spin on it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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