Saturday, December 31, 2011

Small Steps . . . In Several Directions

I usually post others' articles here. Since weight loss has been such a difficult issue for me, I didn't feel I had much to add to this discussion. But recently, I am making strides in weight loss, healthy living and being at peace with myself.
A couple years ago I started a vegetable garden. I always "tried" to be healthy, but it seemed like a huge effort. And whenever I saw sweets, my efforts were derailed. But I am finally doing better by eating my home-grown vegies and fruit, as well as buying locally grown vegetables and fruit, sometimes I even splurge for organic if the price is reasonable.
I am eating more whole grains and I started buying more low-fat items. The non-fat Greek yogurt tastes better than the full fat regular yogurt. I guess we have to experiment a little to find healthy foods that we like. My husband is diabetic, so after two years of going without rice, he finally decided that brown rice and grains are not so bad. Personally, I've gotten to the point where processed food actually tastes bad to me. That helps a lot.
I decided that I am not giving up coffee anymore. There is more evidence that it is good for you than there is that it is bad. Plus, drinking coffee helps you lose weight, especially if you drink it in the morning, then wait two hours to eat breakfast.
I am also eating less. It was hard at first. I don't really like to waste food, so my doctor's suggestion of throwing 1/5 of the food on my plate into the garbage didn't work. My secret is a sweet treat after dinner. Knowing I'm going to have something later has helped me cut down to where I am eating half as much. The sweet treat is usually healthy: low fat ice cream or sorbet. I don't feel like I am depriving myself anymore. I think that is the key.
I've also been exercising. I have an elyptical machine. I walk a lot and cleaning the house and/or gardening is actually pretty good exercise.
But perhaps the most important thing I am doing is working on my dreams. I am trying to get a good draft of my novel done. This is a dream I have had for years, and the time I spend writing or thinking about writing is time I am not thinking about eating.
So . . . Relax . . . Enjoy your life . . . Have fun with your family . . . But most important, start making your dreams come true.
Life is good. It is meant to be enjoyed. Like the song says "Don't worry. Be happy."

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  1. Let me know how your weight loss efforts are going. What works FOR YOU?
    May the coming year bring you peace, joy and love. And may we see peace throughout the world soon.
    ;-) <3 Sherrie


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