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Travel Dreams, Get on the Right Track

DreamCast: Travel Dreams, Get on the Right Track for the New Year
December 25, 2011
By Cortney Litwin
Are You on the Right Path?

Are you on the right path, one that will lead to joy, prosperity and success in the coming year? The answer can be found within your dreams. After all, your dreams are reflections of your desires, needs and aspirations, as well as messengers from your Higher Self.

Travel dreams are particularly revealing about your life path. Dreaming of a plane (the greater perspective), train (getting on track) or automobile (what’s driving you) will reveal if you’re headed in the right direction, if you need to get clear about your direction, or if you need a change of direction. Pay special attention to how you feel within the dream (and upon waking), who is doing the driving, and the condition of the vehicle and roads. These clues will help uncover the dream’s message.

Feeling Lost

Annie in New York City obviously needs some clarity about her direction. She writes:

I have a recurring dream of being lost in the subway and unable to find the right train to get home. If I could just once succeed in my dream, I feel it would be a breakthrough. Is there something I can do? I’m stuck.

Typically, subterranean locations, like Annie’s subway, symbolize the subconscious. Being lost underground points to hidden emotions that are blocking her ability to get home (choose the right path). If Annie can discover what is hindering her ability to move forward, she’ll find her way “home.”

Taking Control

In dreams, the driver of the vehicle is the one in control. If you’re not in the driver’s seat, look to see who is influencing your choices. Betsi in Prescott Valley, Arizona, is in the process of creating a new path for herself—if she doesn’t let some emerging fears derail her progress. She writes:

I have been married 30 years and I recently opened my own small business. In my dream I’m sitting in the backseat of my husband’s jeep, and he’s driving. It’s nighttime, and he’s looking for a street. He drives down one street that ends up being fenced off, so he drives further and finally parks between a blue trailer and a house, which is a very tight fit. He opens the door to the jeep, extends his hand to me and says, “This is where you get out; it’s time for you to die.” I slap his arm and tell him “No!” because I’m scared. What does this mean?

Stepping out of your old life and into something new is often scary, especially if it affects another person. Because her husband was driving, Betsi may be overly influenced by his feelings. She may also be afraid to exhibit her independence (stepping out of the Jeep), which will allow her old self to pass away—likely a good thing, because it would be a “very tight fit” if she let her fears prevent her from growing.

Accidents and Car Trouble

If something is amiss with your dream vehicle, something is likely amiss with your inner or outer life as well. Recently divorced, Carmen from San Diego, California is likely struggling with some emotional issues. She relays this dream:

I am driving my car with other people, when all of a sudden the car overheats and I see smoke coming out of the engine. I stop and ask for help.

The overheated engine and asking for help indicate that that Carmen needs assistance in dealing with her anger. Seeking the advice from a therapist or trusted friend will help jumpstart her new life.

Dreaming of an accident is another sign that you’re headed for trouble, and that it’s time to take a good look at where you’re headed and/or how you’re getting there. Nazela in Georgetown, Guyana witnessed an accident in the following dream:

I dreamed that people were killed when a trash truck crashed into a house.

This succinct dream points to some “trash” in Nazela’s life, such as a negative attitude, habit, situation or person that she needs to release so she can move forward.

On the Right Track

If you’ve eliminated the “trash” from your life and are ready for a fresh start, you may have an encouraging dream that shows you’re headed in the right direction.

Lil from Orange, Connecticut had such a dream. She writes:

I am the driver of a long train. The road is good, and there is clear water on the side of the road.

As the conductor of the train, Lil is making decisions based on her own inner guidance. The good road symbolizes a good path, while the clear water symbolizes emotional clarity, which will enable her to see where she needs to go and make good choices about her direction.

May your own direction be true, your choices clear, and your path unimpeded in 2012 and beyond.

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