Saturday, August 10, 2013

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  1. Why Women Will Still Lose Weight

    The way you mentally approach weight loss "really does make a difference," says Wolf.

    She offers these suggestions to keep you from getting discouraged and giving up on your weight-loss plan when you feel your female makeup is working against you:

    *Stay positive; it’s not a hopeless cause. "Women do lose weight and they do keep it off. Don't use the slower pace as an excuse to not try," stresses Wolf.
    *Know that weight-loss strategies do work. Some women tend to throw up their hands, believing that nothing works, but that’s not true. "We have a lot of good therapies that actually do work to lose weight," says Wolf.
    *Start believing that you can do it. "Believe in yourself," says Wolf. "Keep focused — it's about consistency." Even if you get bored or frustrated because you don't think your plan is working, stick with it. Set goals for yourself and stay focused on those goals.
    *Understand your challenges and limitations. "Know yourself," says Wolf. "Each person is different." She suggests asking, "What trips me up every time I try to lose weight? Do I eat when I'm sad or frustrated, or stop working out when I don't have a workout buddy to encourage you?"
    *Set yourself up for success by preparing for those roadblocks and figuring out in advance how you will overcome them.


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