Thursday, September 25, 2014

How we live is what determines our health AND our weight

I have been putting articles here about helping other people. The reason for that is that when we help others, we feel better about ourselves and our less stuck in our own little problems. When we express our outrage in a constructive way, we are less likely to turn to food to soothe us. Please don’t misunderstand but I just want to mention that I was on statins for years & had body & muscle aches. I finally got off them as there are many books by cardiac surgeons & other heart doctors that say they read the data wrong more than 50 plus years ago. They say not only do statins not help but they may actually kill us. I have been on a journey to get off all Rx drugs. When I finally told the dr. I would not take the statins anymore (after 2 echo/stress tests showed my arteries to be clear), my dr. finally agreed. They officially say I am “allergic” to Vitorin, but I know that this is a reaction that many people have. It is just ridiculous that the AMA refuses to see how bad some of these drugs are and how they are killing people, my mother being one of the many who died young because 1st, the statin gave her liver disease. And 2nd, her doctors eventually had her on so many pills they had to hire someone to come to the home to help her figure out what to take when. She eventually died when all her organs shut down, but it was initially caused by liver failure. Anyway, the only pain I have now is occasional arthritis. This occurs when I either do too much or too little. I now eat a whole food diet and am doing the 2 day a week diet to slowly get my wt. down. This is doing wonders for the arthritis. I know some of you think all that natural stuff doesn’t work but I believe NATURAL is the ONLY thing that works in the long run. Do the doctors know the cause of fybromyalgia? That could be the key to the long-term cure. If it is something you are eating, you can cut it from your diet. If it is a lack of nutrients, you can add it to your diet. If it takes too many foods to get all the nutrients, you can make smoothies or even try juicing (though I personally have discovered that I need all the fiber I can get). Please don’t think I am not sympathetic to your disease. I just don’t believe that doctors have all the answers (because they are trained to prescribe drugs, not diet & exercise), nor do I believe we need all these drugs. Many people are giving up gluten these days; many more than need to, they say. I use gluten free products because they are high in good protein & usually have fiber in them. I don’t know that I have a reaction to gluten. BUT I certainly don’t have a reaction to “gluten free.” I’m just saying despite the long journey, it is worth looking at one’s lifestyle to see what we can add or eliminate. Many of the boxed foods are filled with crap. I, for one, am glad I started this journey toward health many years ago. Unlike most people, I went from being a sickly, shy child to being a healthy, opinionated adult. I wouldn’t trade my journey with anyone.

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