Wednesday, October 8, 2014

OUR 2 Day A Week Diet

Several people have been asking about the 2 Day A Week Diet that allowed Angelo's friend to lose 50 lbs. Angelo & I haven't done as well, but I think I know why. 2 days a week, we limit our calories to 600 calories. It sounds hard but basically those 2 days, just become a vegetarian. You can eat as many VEGETABLES as you want (not including sweet potatoes). We have a VEGETABLE SOUP those days. Angelo just eats vegetables all day (raw when at work). I have a HIGH FIBER CEREAL WITH BLUEBERRIES & LOW CAL MILK OR ALMOND MILK for breakfast/lunch. These days, don't use any oil. You can eat a little meat if you want. Paul eats Healthy Choice frozen meals and adds a LOT of VEGGIES. If you have salad, add whatever you want but put salsa instead. NO SALAD DRESSING on those days. You may even give up salad dressing for good. ON ALL OTHER DAYS, SLOWLY ADD MORE OF THESE FOODS: 1) You need GOOD protein in every meal (Don't forget about nuts, SEEDS, grains & seafood). 2) You need GOOD carbs. That means WHOLE food like brown rice, grains & seeds. 3) You need FIBER. Look for foods high in fiber. They are usually really tasty & actually allow you to eat MORE. The fiber also cleans out your stomach & intestines so food isn't rotting there. Yes, a natural DETOX. Fiber can be found in grains (good cereal), veggies but the highest amount of fiber is in BEANS & the 2nd highest is in FRUIT. 4) Eat all the veggies you want. 5) Buy sweets like Skinny Cow or Carb Smart. 6) Learn to LOVE FRUIT. (In the video below, they say you can retrain your brain to prefer GOOD FATS, CARBS & PROTEINS). The best thing about this diet is it is making you HEALTHY so you not only live a LONGER LIFE but you also live a BETTER LIFE. Sherrie P.S. Angelo & I haven't done as well because we originally didn't change much what we ate on the NON-DIET days. Now that we are doing that, we are back to GETTING RID OF FAT again. So, we have less fat & MORE MUSCLE. For that reason, you shouldn't be TOO concerned about the scale. Just notice how your clothes are fitting.

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    Great Video About How We Can Retrain Our Brain to LOVE Healthy Food (in as little as 2 weeks!)


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