Monday, February 16, 2009

Law of Attraction

This was sent to one of the Blissmas Babes from Orange Vision.

Dear Liz,
I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to create yet another
extra ordinary week.....

This week's Splash is about how your vibrational level dictates what
you attract in life. You probably know about this, but I feel that
sometimes it is good to just get back to basics again about this topic
as it is so important.

If you have learned about The Law of Attraction, you know that in
every moment you are sending out vibrations. Like now, and now.... and
now! (as per Michael Oliver, author of "Law of Attraction" and an
excellent speaker on this topic) And these vibrations basically
attract more of the same to your life. So simply said: if you vibrate
in a positive way, you will attract more positive things to your life.

So how do you know which vibrations you are sending out? If you have
seen or read "The Secret" you will recognize the term "emotional
guidance system". When I saw this explained for the very first time,
it was such an "a-ha" for me, and it still is. Basically, your
emotions tell you what you vibrate! If you feel jealous, angry,
frustrated, resentful or any other negative emotion, you are sending
out negative vibrations and therefore attracting more of that. If you
feel happy, grateful, excited, loving or any other positive emotion,
you attract more positive things into your life. Pretty easy really,

So my suggestion for this week is to really become aware of your
emotions and make a conscious effort to adjust them where necessary.

"At any point in time, YOU get to choose how you feel
and therefore what you attract"

Everything you do is your choice, so it is also your choice what you
will attract! So if you feel angry, take a deep breath and try to
redirect your emotions into more positive ones. Listen to some
wonderful music, or think about what you are grateful for in your
life. If you get really frustrated for whatever reason, stop for a
moment and think "is this really worth getting so frustrated about and
is it worth staying frustrated even if I know it is holding me back
from attracting my goals"? At that moment, see if you can fleely
choose to let go of that negative emotion. I know this can be
challenging, and may even sound too simple to work.... an yet it does

And on the other hand if you feel excited, grateful, inspired or
experience any other positive emotion, acknowledge it too and be happy
and grateful knowing that right at that moment, you are supporting the
process of attracting the future you intent. This will make you feel
even better; how exciting!

Bottom line is: the more positive you are in every day life in your
being and in your actions, the faster you will manifest your goals and
dreams. The choice is all yours!

Have a fantastic week!
Linda Boertjens

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  1. Hi Sherrie
    Congratulations again on your new blog. Sounds like it will be very supportive and interesting. I love all the pieces of music and will definitely use them in my daily rituals. Wishing you all the very best. Liz G


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