Wednesday, March 4, 2009

According to Schwarzbein "Fat Is NOT Bad!"

The fat in cheesecake is NOT bad for you, but the sugar IS. So is that flour and any processed foods in the recipe.
Check out "The Schwarzbein Principle" to learn a way to lose weight and become healthy at the same time.
Her way of eating says 1/4 of our calories should come from fat, not transfat and nothing cooked at high temperatures, but good, healthy fat. That is not just the expensive oils, such as almond oil and all these other weird fats some of us have been spending our hard-earned money on. That includes the fat from slow-cooked meats, from whole milk, cream and whole fat yogurt. It also includes the fat from avacados.
We have been killing ourselves by starving our bodies of the fat needed for cell regeneration. According to Schwarzbein, fat and cholesterol in food does NOT create fat and cholesterol in the body. Why hasn't the entire medical profession figured this out?!
What Schwarzbein does recommend is eliminating flour (even whole wheat flour), sugar and ALL processed food. Don't worry, there are alternatives (finally!) for all of these. Plus having the fat back in your body makes you feel satisfied and satiated.
I have never felt healthier in my life! We will see how the weight loss goes, but for now, at least I am enjoying my life again!

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