Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Schwarzbein Principal

Who is Dr. Schwarzbein?

Diana Schwarzbein, MD, is a California-based physician whose eponymous diet book hit the shelves in the late 90's. Like several other diets from the same time period (e.g. Dr. Barry Sears' "The Zone"), Schwarzbein's program focuses on the connection between insulin levels and carbohydrate-intake; the key is how they affect weight and -- more importantly -- long-term overall health. Dr. Schwarzbein has said, "I wanted people to understand that it's not just about weight, it's about your body's ability to build what it needs for the long run. (qtd. in Sakaria)"
What is the Basis of the Plan?

An endocrinologist and internist, Dr. Schwarzbein worked with type II diabetes patients in her practice. She says she discovered among her patients the fact that a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet was leading to poor overall health and overweight. Dr. Schwarzbein says more than 3,000 patients at her Endocrinology Institute of Santa Barbara improved their health and lost weight following her program (Paulsen).

What is the Diet Like?
"The Schwarzbein Principle" is more or less a modified low-carb diet and -- like other carb-lowering plans -- it's seen its share of controversy. The diet consists of plenty of protein and a lot of what the plan calls "good" fats (Which you will note is quite similar to The Atkins Diet.) It deletes processed foods, sugar (including artificial sweeteners), and refined foods from your diet. You'll also be saying goodbye to salt, alcohol, and caffeine.

What is the Food Like?
Butter, eggs and a lot of meat will be the staples of your diet. Carbs will be drastically reduced initially, but you will be able to add more of them later on. Carbohydrates include many of the foods we've been told for years are among the healthiest (e.g. grains, fruit, particular vegetables, and reduced-fat dairy products).

Coach Sherrie says: The AMA still doesn't want to accept Dr. Schwarzbein's ideas, but I've been checking around and ALL my skinny friends eat like this and ALL my fat friends do low-fat. Well, I've been doing low-fat for four years and gaining more weight. At least, this diet doesn't have me sneaking down to the kitchen at night. Plus I FEEL SOOOO MUCH BETTER!
So far I haven't lost any weight, but I haven't gained any either. I'll get back to you in another month.
P.S. If you do it the Kaizen way, you don't have to do everything at once. So, begin by drinking more water. The next week, add eggs to you diet (she recommends them in the morning). The next week, you can start adding WHOLE FAT. Schwarzbein says not only do we need fat to be healthy, but they put the yogurt (or whatever the product) through a chemocal process to take out the fat. AND they add all this sugar and fake sugar that is very bad for the body.
BOTTOM LINE: Get rid of the sugar and processed foods and get whole fat back into your diet. If you don't feel better after a month, go ahead and go back to the old way.
One more thing: Europeans don't do all this non-fat stuff. Let me ask you: when was the last time you saw an obese European?

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